Welcome to Indokemika Group


Indokemika is here to enhance quality of lives.  We bring ingredients and materials that made up useful products in detergents, plastics, electronics, motorcycles, cars, phones, building, food, drugs, clean water supply, waste water cleaning process;  practically in things that we touch everyday.


In the spirit of collaboration, Indokemika takes part in the industry's effort in sustainable development that satisfies the needs of present without comprimising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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About Indokemika

We would like to introduce you to our company and the people behind it. We are proud of our competent and achievement - oriented workforce.

Products & Applications

Indokemika`s product portfolio is characterized by a broad range of chemicals catering to the requirements of various industries.


Indokemika has always recognized that our success is based on our principals` products and the accompanying support. Therefore we have always put special emphasis on forming partnerships with reliable suppliers who can deliver products of constantly high quality, along with the necessary support services. Among our long standing partners are world renowned...More >>