Business Ethics


  1. The Company's adherence to laws and regulations
  2. Management or relationships with shareholders
  3. Customer relationship management
  4. Management or relationships with business partners
  5. Information confidentiality related to business transactions with business partners
  6. Corporate social responsibilities
  7. Enviromental preservation
  8. Occupational health and safety
  9. Fair treatment 



Work Ethics


  1. Member's compliance with law and regulations
  2. Bans of any abuse of power or use of force
  3. Member's responsibility to preserve and maintain the Company's impact on the Company
  4. Bans of any activity irrelevant to the job that may have a negative impact on the Company
  5. Bans of gratifications
  6. Bans of the use of illegal substances and alcoholic drinks
  7. Bans of any gambling activity
  8. Bans on the use of arms
  9. Bans on insider trading practice