Indokemika is here to enhance quality of lives.  We bring ingredients and materials that made up useful products in detergents, plastics, electronics, motorcycles, cars, phones, building, food, drugs, clean water supply, waste water cleaning process;  practically in things that we touch everyday.


In the spirit of collaboration, Indokemika takes part in the industry's effort in sustainable development that satisfies the needs of present without comprimising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


For over a decade, Indokemika has been a leading supplier of chemicals to various industries in Indonesia.  With a comprehensive product portfolio and supported by leading producers from around the world, we are able to position ourselves among the biggest chemicals manufacturing and distribution company.


Well-equipped warehouse and tank-farms, a modern delivery fleet and presence in industrial centers of Indonesia allow us to deliver our products fast and efficiently.  Six primary offices and four supporting offices throughout Indonesia ensure proximity and effective support to our customers.  A customer-centric approach and flexible business arrangements are turther advantages Indokemika offers to its customers.